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Metallurgical Microscope with Image Analyzer
Metallurgical Microscope with Image Analyzer

We offer Image Acquistion System using CMOS/CCD Camera. Interactive image acquistion, analysis and archiving data is also possible. 


CMOS Camera: Motic, Artray and Olympus cameras
CCD Camera: Watec, Samsung, Sony and JVC cameras


  • Batch Run Facility

  • User defined Macro

  • 1:1 magnification and equivalent field of view database

  • Online Image processing

  • Any type of customization possible with software

  • Calibration traceable to NABL standard

  • Colour Image processing

  • Phase Analysis based on colour and shapes

  • Image of any size can be processed

  • Capture speed: 1 image/second

  • Online capture and simultaneous processing of many no of images at very short duration

  • Data and images can be transferred to both word and excel format

  • Micron marker incorporated in this image

  • Material Analysis module includes:

  1. Grain Size Measurement

  2. Phase Analysis Measurement

  3. Graphite Flake Measurement

  4. Nodularity Measurement

  5. Porosity Measurement

  6. 2D Measurement

  7. Banding Measurement

  8. Inclusion Rating Measurement

  9. Micro Hardness Measurement

  10. Dendrite Arm Spacing Measurement 

CE Analyzer
CE Analyzer, Carbon Silicon Analyzer, CE Meter

It is a microprocessor based carbon silicon analyzer series designed for molten cast iron analysis. It is specially engineered to suit the foundry environment.


It consists of special electronic hardware & software which automatically correct errors introduced due to de-rating/ageing effect of electronic components, ensuring long term accuracy of measurements.


  • On line determination of Carbon Equivalent, % Carbon, % Silicon, Degree of Saturation, Recalescence, Under cool temperature

  • Accuracy and precision in measurement using 1st, 2nd and 3rd derivatives

  • Comparison of current cooling curve with your reference cooling curve

  • Item-wise charge composition storage and calculation of charge correction along with alloy addition

  • Cooling curve display ensures 100% white solidification

  • Wedge Chill measurement

  • Inoculation deciding factor measures effectiveness of inoculation in case of molten gray cast iron

  • Prediction of microstructure by graphite distribution of grey cast iron

  • Nodularity and Nodule count, Shrinkage tendency prior to casting

  • Measures nucleation property of gray cast iron in terms of ECC and Recalescence

  • Prediction of tensile strength, Brinell hardness for unalloyed Gray cast Iron from CE Value. These unpredicted values along with information of nucleation properties becomes useful control points in controlling physical properties

  • Analysis for up to 21 different types of Iron

  • SPC Charts like M R Chart, X Control chart, Histogram, X-Y Chart

Immersion Temp Pyrometer
Immersion Temp Pyrometer

Immersion type portable battery operated temperature measuring system for molten metal with wireless communication for auxiliary display, computer and printer. It measures the molten metal temperature by dipping thermocouple tip in it.


It uses plateau detection technique to detect correct temperatures within 3-8 seconds. Once the correct temperature is detected the same will be displayed on the portable system and at the same time data will be transferred wirelessly to the system. 


  • Uses Plateau detection technique for accurate temperature measurement

  • Local display of temp on portable display

  • Remote display of temp on 4" size large display unit

  • Can measure temp of molten steel, Cast Iron, Copper, Brass, Bronze, Aluminium and so on

  • Handy, light-weight & compact

  • Accuracy +-1 deg Celsius/Fahrenheit

  • Automatic Power-off Function

  • 4-Digit seven segment LED Display

  • Intelligent Self Calibration

  • Eliminates wiring cost and transmission wires

  • Eliminates down-time caused by breaking or burning or shorting problem of wires

Remote Digital Display for Spectrometer
Remote Digital Display for Spectrometer

It is a remote digital display unit specially designed for melting platform people to see the online results obtained by spectrometer in lab.


This display can be connected to any make and model of spectrometer. Thus considerable time, electrical power can be saved and it also reduces chances of change in bath chemistry/nucleation properties due to holding of metal till results of spectrometer are conveyed to melting platform.

There is a facility of dual colour element display so that within set limit elements will be displayed in green colour and out of set limit elements will be displayed in red colour.


  • Micro-controller circuitry enables it to connect to any make of spectrometer.

  • Zero Maintenance

  • Audio alert indication at the arrival of new data from spectrometer.

Thermal Analysis Test Cups
Thermal Analysis Test Cups, Carbon Cups

Carbon cups are Tellurium coated sensors used for determination of carbon equivalent, % Carbon and % silicon in gray, malleable and ductile iron. They cover the entire range from 2.5 to 5 CE.


  • Available in round and square shape

  • Guaranteed white iron solidification

  • Close control on chemistry ensures least rejection

  • Can be used with any make of CE meter/carbon silicon analyzer based on thermal analysis principle

  • Cup available in small, medium and large size to suit various applications in foundry

Thermocouple Tips
Thermocouple Tips

Thermocouple tips for measurement of molten metal temperature are available in standard IPTS 68 and IPTS 90 calibrations with different thermocouple types.

The thermocouple wires are rigorously selected in order to guarantee and accuracy of 0 to ±1.5°C at 1554°C (Pd melting point).


  • Measuring time: 3 to 8 seconds

  • Maximum immersion time : 8 seconds

  • Available in a variety of immersion tube lengths and connector diameters.

  • Available with steel/aluminium/copper protective cap

Spectrometer Copper Die
Spectrometer Copper Die, Spectrometer Coin Sample, Spectrometer die for Cast Iron & Ductile Iron, Spectrometer die

Mould for Spectrometer Coin Sample with combined steel/copper  or full copper construction.


  • Mould form in steel & casting on copper block ensures unidirectional chill cast solidification on the analytical side of the sample only

  • Simple mounting for tight joining by putting mould form on copper block & locking with a C-clamp

  • Copper block is designed as flat surface block which enables easy resurfacing and thus extends life of the mould

  • Standard size of sample: Ø 38 x 4 mm (size can be changed as per request)

Spectrometer Polishing Grinder
Spectrometer Polishing Grinder

This polishing machine is equipped with a high speed motor which makes the sample polishing / surface finishing of the sample ready in few seconds.


  • Machine to suite the disc housing and to cover the  disc plate by 300 degrees for safety.

  • Includes an easy-to-use control panel with quick access to power on/off

  • Emergency stop button

Spectro Polishing Paper
Spectro Polishing Paper, Aluminium Oxide Spectro Disc, Zirconium Oxide Spectro Disc

Spectrometer Polishing Paper is produced in a range of grit sizes and is used to remove material from surfaces, either to make them smoother, to remove a layer of material, or sometimes to make the surface rougher.

Grit refers to the average particle diameter. Larger the grit, smaller the particle size and smaller the grit, the coarser the particles are.


  • In the form of a sheet, usually 9 by 11 inches (280x230 mm)

  • Available in circular form 350mm by 40 mm bore

  • Aluminium Oxide Disc for Ferrous Castings

  • Zirconium Oxide Disc for Non Ferrous Castings

Alumina Paste
Micro Sample Polisher, Alumina Paste

Alumina Paste is of High quality, fine graded Alumina suspension (water-based) for fine and end polishing of metallographic specimens.


These are abrasive powders that are prepared from aluminium oxide, offering excellent coarse and intermediate polishing, with fast results.



  • Reduces surface distortions

  • Gives excellent polishing results

  • Used for analytical applications where diamond polishing is not suitable (analysis of carbon)

Digital Mould Hardness Tester
Digital Mould Hardness Tester, Sand Testing Equipments, Versatile Sand Testing supplier, Green Sand, No Bake Sand,

Digital Mould Hardness Tester is used to test Hardness of prepared sand mould. It consists of digital indicator and special geometry plunger to read hardness of Green Mould from 0 to 100 Nos.


  • Keep the instrument clean and away from dust ensure that all sticking sand is removed from the instrument before and after every test.

  • Do not tamper with the setting and calibration

Universal Strength Machine
Universal Strength Machine, Sand testing equipments, Versatile Sand Testing, Green Sand, No Bake sand, CO2 Sand, Compression testing

Universal Strength Machine is used to test various strengths for moulding and core sands. Auto testing cycles available on just a button press. Can conduct Test for compression, tensile, shear, splitting strength specimen with appropriate attachments.

Computer interfacing through RS485 Serial and Wireless through appropriate attachments is possible. Requires Pneumatic air supply of 6 Kg/cm2. (Default: 230V AC, 50Hz).


  • Calibration reminder

  • Equipment life counting

  • Way faster, better and accurate result processing than its predecessor (VUD)

  • Diagnosis mode for fault detection

CRMs (Certified Reference Material) for Spectrometer
CRMs (Certified Reference Material) for Spectrometer, Standard sample for Spectrometer, Spectrometer Calibration, CRM SUS, Spectrometer, Certified reference material supplier, CRM supplier, CRM distributor, Certified Reference Material Distributor, Brammer Standard Company, MBH Analytical Ltd, Bureau of Analysed Samples

We are one of the major suppliers of Certified Reference Materials which are produced by various manufactures over the world like Brammer Standard Company, MBH Analytical Ltd, Bureau of Analysed Samples (BAS), . 

CRMs are accompanied by a certificate, one or more of whose property values are certified by a procedure which establishes its trace-ability to an accurate realization of the unit in which the property values are expressed, and for which each certified value is accompanied by an uncertainty at a stated level of confidence. The CRMs are certified by a recognized certifying organization using approved certification procedures as instructed in ISO Guide 35:1989. They widely used for calibrating all types of Optical Emission Spectrometers & Atomic Absorption Spectrometers.


Certified Reference Materials for Spectrometer are available in Disc, Blocks, Chips, Powder and Pins form.

CRMs are available for:

  • Ferrous Metals like Stainless Steel, Low Alloy / High Alloyed Steel, Low Carbon / High Carbon Steel, Tool Steels etc.

  • Non-Ferrous metals like Aluminium and its Alloys, Copper and its Alloys, Bronze, Nickel etc.

  • Minerals, Ores, Slags, Coal, Cement, Soils, Oils, Glass, Paper, Refectories etc.

  • Ferro Alloys like Ferro-boron, Ferro-manganese, Ferro-chrome, Ferro-molybdenum, Ferro-niobium, Ferro-nickel, Ferro-titanium etc.

  • Physical Testing like Hardness, Tensile Strength etc.

Spectro Sample Holder
Magnetic Sample Holder Spectrometer, Chill Holder for Spectro Sample, Spectrometer Sample Holder, Mechanical Sample Holder

Spectro Sample Holder for safe grinding of the spectrometer chill sample.


  • Holder is designed as per Chill size.

  • Mechanical Sample holder

  • Magnetic Sample holder

  • Mould as per spectro chill

If there is something that you are looking for that is not listed please don't hesitate to contact us.

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