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Spectrometer Copper Die for sample preparation

Spectrometer Copper Die as per Indian Standard ISO 14284:1996 for coin sample preparation for spectrometer analysis for cast iron and ductile iron samples only.


  • Mould form from steel, casting on copper block ensures unidirectional chill solidification on the analytical side of the sample only.

  • Copper block designed as flat surface block, enabling easy resurfacing and thus giving extended life time of mould.

  • Standard Size of Coin Sample : 39 - 40 mm Diameter, 4 -5 mm Depth

Instructions to use:

  • The die should be fixed with a C-Clamp prior to pouring metal in it.

  • A bucket full of water needs to be kept next to the die before pouring metal in it.

  • Pouring of metal needs to be done till only 50-60% of the neck that is visible on the top of the die when clamped.

  • After pouring metal in die, it needs to be placed immediately in the bucket of water along with the C-clamp.

  • Once the die cools down for 4-5 minutes inside the bucket, then first remove C-clamp and then open the die.

  • The coin sample will be loose enough to come out on its own.

  • If the coin sample is stuck then apply very light force on the neck side of the die to remove the sample.

  • Once sample is removed break the neck and then use the Sample holder to polish the sample on the Spectrometer Polishing Grinder.

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